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2 days later.

7 Jan

Well it’s now the end of the day on the 7th (for me anyway) and so far so good! I have mostly stuck with the changes I am making and am finding it a little easier than I thought it would be…although I think that’s because I am removing myself from temptation as often as possible and keeping my hands busy with crochet. I find I can’t eat as much when I’m working as it’s irritating to have to put everything down to eat and then to get up and wash my hands before I start again!

I am usingCalorie King to keep track of my calories and that is working out quite well, I don’t have to do nearly as much work adding up and when I have more time I’ll have a look at all their other functions.

On that note I finished and blocked a stole yesterday, my first time using any kind of lace weight yarn. It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, a bit fiddly but it was easier the more I used it. I also found that with this stole using the dk in some sections gave me a bit of a break from the lace and that made it easier too……it is here, I am running a test for it at the moment. Sorry I can’t upload any photos yet because I’m on the wrong computer (why is it that the stuff I want is never on the computer I’m using at the time!).


Pattern test

3 Dec

There is not much to say today…we are in the middle of a heatwave and have had several days over 30 degrees…tomorrow is supposed to be 39 so I haven’t been thinking about doing much at all, just getting through the heat!

I have set up a new pattern test on Ravelry though….it is here. for anyone who is interested, for Black Ice the colourwork hat I designed recently.


Hopefully I can have this test all wrapped up before Christmas.

Learning something new.

16 Nov

Well life has got in the way of this blog the last couple of days….so much for nablopomo…back to it though 🙂

I teach a crochet class on a Thursday morning at a craft group I attend and this morning while I was there I was struck by the satisfaction people feel when they achieve something new…especially if  it’s something they thought they couldn’t do.

There are several things available to learn at craft and students sign up for whatever they like…the thing about this is that you have students of all ages and experience. For the crochet classes there are people who are wonderful, experience crochetesr and who just like the pattern and want to make it, there are also students who can only do a chain st and nothing else.

This term I decided to teach this….

Now if you can crochet you will probably recognise this as Bavarian crochet, not a beginners pattern by any stretch of the imagination!

I am a big believer in that you can do anything you want to if you take it slow and work one stitch at a time and I decided in all my wisdom when I started this that I wouldn’ t turn anyone away if they wanted to learn. I kept this policy up this term and got my usual mixture of students…….after a few weeks I was starting to think I’d bitten off more than I could chew as there were a few students in my class who were very much beginners when they started this cowl and who were really struggling with the concepts…after all it’s a lot to learn if you’ve only ever done a chain stitch before. It has warmed my heart every week to watch the more experienced ladies pitch in to help the less capable crocheters try to understand this stitch.

This morning I went to craft willing to concede defeat and admit to these few students that perhaps we should start with something easier then go back to the cowl next year……Well I was amazed, every single beginner student had got it! It was like the penny had dropped over the last week and I had one person after another coming to proudly show me their cowls. The thing that really struck me was the pride and achievement felt by every one of these women who had managed to master a very difficult stitch just through their own perseverance.

Every single one of these women young and old had felt like giving up in previous weeks …I left craft this morning grinning from ear to ear and also having learned a very valuable lesson and that is that we can learn anything if we don’t give up and keep persevering. It was wonderful and I can’t wait until next week when we start on the wrist warmers….lol.

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