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Ready to revive!

5 May

Well I guess it’s time to revive this blog…we all start with the best intentions that sometimes go by the wayside when life gets involved :)…….I lost my computer so didn’t have access to the internet for a little while and once I did my blog ‘mojo’ was missing…lol

During this time off though I have been busy writing an E-book….hopefully to be released shortly, I only have 3 patterns left to write and one cuff to finish crocheting. I have uploaded a couple of single cuff patterns to my Ravelry store …Here are some photos…

b4 ba3 goth2

I’ve also opened a new Etsy shop now that they are offering instant downloads for pdf files……I have sold a couple of patterns so we will see how it goes.

Along with all of this I now have a facebook page for my designs! I would love it if you would pop over and ‘like’ me……I think that’s what you do :)……if you want to leave a comment on the page I will put you in a draw for a free pattern of your choice from one of my shops…or I can even email it to you if you want.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Some success.

15 Jan

Well it’s been a week since I last blogged! Time goes by so fast it’s unbelievable……I weighed in on Saturday and lost 2.5kg’s…wow such succes, that’s a first for me, I usually have to wait at least a couple of weeks before seeing anything significant on the scales. While I know it’s most likely fluid it is still quite motivating to have success so early on 🙂


On the plus side I have been designing a lot lately as a way of keeping my hands busy….I hate to eat while I crochet.

So far I have …….IMG_2135 IMG_2163 IMG_2187 IMG_2189


The first two are in testing now and the third one is being tech edited in preparation for testing…….so some good has come out of depriving myself…lol

Pattern test

3 Dec

There is not much to say today…we are in the middle of a heatwave and have had several days over 30 degrees…tomorrow is supposed to be 39 so I haven’t been thinking about doing much at all, just getting through the heat!

I have set up a new pattern test on Ravelry though….it is here. for anyone who is interested, for Black Ice the colourwork hat I designed recently.


Hopefully I can have this test all wrapped up before Christmas.

New Pattern

9 Nov

Well what a morning! I have finally added my new scarf pattern to Ravelry…but it has been a tough one this one! I have given up on trying to get nice cold weather photos here in Brisbane at this time of year, it is just too sunny and bright! So my scarf wasn’t looking at all chilly…I finally found a shady spot on our verandah and scattered some leaves about and came up with these……that is after taking about a million shots of my son trying to look cool….

Anyway while I usually prefer my crochet patterns to have modelled shots I decided I quite like these ones……otherwise I was looking at something like this!


Not bad but not what I was looking for and doesn’t show the scarf off very well. Anyway this pattern is now available on Ravelry here. I hope you like it :). It has been tested and tech edited before being released.

Review: Crochetvolution Winter 2012

7 Nov

I saw a couple of really lovely reviews of Crochetvolution yesterday and meant to write about them then…but wadda ya know I already missed a day! I can’t believe it, it was grocery shopping day yesterday and I completely forgot that I even had a blog…lol

Anyway Quaternity Design Studios had a great review (of course I’m biased as my pattern was mentioned) Review: Crochetvolution Winter 2012. and so did Anastacia Knits they both have lovely blogs and interesting content so go and check them out.

Also check out Crochetvolution this mag has been going about a year now and gets better all the time, so bookmark it and watch for new editions. Melissa from Innerchildcrochet has done a fantastic job of creating and running a new magazine while juggling a young family as well 🙂 It’s full of free patterns like the ones below and interesting articles.

His Textured Scarf by Anastacia Zittel

His textured scarf by Anastacia Zittel, ideal for Christmas

Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt by Darleen Hopkin

I love this idea by Darleen Hopkins, no good for us here in Brisbane of course but I have to think it would make a great teachers gift for those of you in colder climates.

There are also several other designs so check it out! and if you haven’t seen this mag before take a look at the archives too…that should keep you busy for the rest of the day 🙂


4 Nov


This is my very first published pattern…well published in a magazine I mean! It is available from Crochetvolution and is completely free. I was so excited when I opened the home page and found my pattern on the cover, my daughter is not nearly as excited to be a cover girl as I think she should be…lol. There are some other great patterns in this issue too and did I mention that they are free.

I am working today on a couple of other new patterns I’m trying to get ready to have tested so that I can add them to my Ravelry shop….that is in between cleaning the oven and shopping for a new lounge suite, ours has finally given up the ghost!

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