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What am I doing?

20 Jan

Well it was weigh in day yesterday…..I lost another kilo (yayyy) but then proceeded to have a day where the new eating plan went out the window!!! Wow, how quickly do we fall off the wagon? I guess the only thing to do now is to put it behind me and climb back on, so today I am starting over….I got to bed early last night so I am not nearly so tired today and that should make it easier to stick with it. As I’ve said before when I’m tired I eat :(. Hopefully Damien (the 2 year old) will be better behaved today, he was completely over the top yesterday) That might have had something to do with the fact that the 21 year old managed to feed him a whole piece of hedgehog slice….you have no idea how much sugar and chocolate there is in that!….So Damien was nutso all day, he drove me and his brothers and sisters crazy!

I have still been working on some crochet patterns, the 3 tests I started are nearly finished, so I will soon have 3 different patterns ready to publish. I am working on a lovely lacy purple shrug at the moment. I was really lucky the other day, I dropped into one of our local thrift shops and there on the shelf was a cone of the most gorgeous purple yarn….I am 90% sure it is a silk/linen blend of some kind…..It looks very much like some of the yarns I buy from Colourmart they have gorgeous yarns at such a reasonable price, free shipping too! Anyway unfortunately there are absolutely no identifying marks so my chances of working out exactly what this is are very small. I am going back to the same shop tomorrow as there were some other cones of yarn there too but I only had enough money with me for the one….I hope the fine gauge of the yarn has put people off buying them!

This is the yarn, although it looks more blue in this picture, may camera has a terrible time photographing purple! IMG_2199



Some success.

15 Jan

Well it’s been a week since I last blogged! Time goes by so fast it’s unbelievable……I weighed in on Saturday and lost 2.5kg’s…wow such succes, that’s a first for me, I usually have to wait at least a couple of weeks before seeing anything significant on the scales. While I know it’s most likely fluid it is still quite motivating to have success so early on 🙂


On the plus side I have been designing a lot lately as a way of keeping my hands busy….I hate to eat while I crochet.

So far I have …….IMG_2135 IMG_2163 IMG_2187 IMG_2189


The first two are in testing now and the third one is being tech edited in preparation for testing…….so some good has come out of depriving myself…lol

2 days later.

7 Jan

Well it’s now the end of the day on the 7th (for me anyway) and so far so good! I have mostly stuck with the changes I am making and am finding it a little easier than I thought it would be…although I think that’s because I am removing myself from temptation as often as possible and keeping my hands busy with crochet. I find I can’t eat as much when I’m working as it’s irritating to have to put everything down to eat and then to get up and wash my hands before I start again!

I am usingCalorie King to keep track of my calories and that is working out quite well, I don’t have to do nearly as much work adding up and when I have more time I’ll have a look at all their other functions.

On that note I finished and blocked a stole yesterday, my first time using any kind of lace weight yarn. It’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be, a bit fiddly but it was easier the more I used it. I also found that with this stole using the dk in some sections gave me a bit of a break from the lace and that made it easier too……it is here, I am running a test for it at the moment. Sorry I can’t upload any photos yet because I’m on the wrong computer (why is it that the stuff I want is never on the computer I’m using at the time!).

It’s Time!

5 Jan

Well it’s the 5th of January and like a lot of us it’s time to look at losing some weight!

Over the last 20 years my weight has slowly crept up to shhhhhh (nearly 90 kgs) that is 198.5 pounds for those of you in the US……OMG I can’t believe I’ve let it get so bad! I guess if I look at it logically that is about 1.5 kilos a year over the 20 years……reality is that I kept about 5 kilos each after the last 4 kids and the other 10 kilos has just been the result of poor decisions (health wise). I have struggled with my weight fairly consistantly since I turned 30 and have never really successfully lost much at all, my most successful attempt was when I lost about 10 kilos 4 and a half years ago….then I got pregnant with my youngest son and the rest is history….

I have worked out over this time that dieting is almost impossible with a large family (too many temptations) also my kids are skinny, skinny, skinny, so I can’t expect them to diet with me, there would be a revolt….lol! We don’t have a lot of junk in the house anyway much to my kids disgust and my main problem is portion size and tiredness….when I’m tired I eat….it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s edible then I will consume it!!! This is a problem because with so many kids in the house there is always food!

I figure that what I need is something really slow, where I don’t actually notice too many of the changes I have to make….mainly I need to  keep a check on my snacking or at least make some healthier choices when I do snack and I need to serve up smaller portions at meal times. I’m going to start with this and see how I’m travelling in a few weeks time.

Anyway it has got to the point where I can no longer turn a blind eye to my weight, I have to lose it for the sake of my health which is suffering rather badly as the result of carrying all this extra poundage around with me. I also will need to buy an entire new wardrobe of clothes shortly if I don’t do something and I absolutely refuse to buy that many clothes in a larger size!


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