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Knitting Humour

7 Jun

Well I know I mostly crochet but I couldn’t help laughing at this post….Knitting Humor Gave me a great start to the day :D…..Now off to get the rest of the kids to school and then grocery shopping!

14 May

Well I have conducted a draw in my kitchen this morning…it was really technical, I used one of the mixing bowls and little slips of paper and then my daughter drew out a name!!!

Congratulations Mandasiefert39…you have won a free pattern from me. If you would like to visit my Ravelry Store or my Etsy shop you can make a choice and let me know what you would like. Then let me know how you want it, I can email you or have it gifted to you on Ravelry if you have a Ravellry account 🙂

Ideas please…

11 May

Ok well, I’m looking for ideas…..what sort of crochet designs are people looking for? Do you have something specific that you’d like to see out there….here is your chance to say. I’m not promising anything mind but I’d really like to know so there is a random draw for a free pattern from my store ….anyone who comments here will be place in the draw for a chance.

I would love it if you would comment on my facebook page as I have just started it and really need some traffic but feel free to comment here if you would rather, you will still be entered into the random draw.

At the moment I just design what I feel like but it will be interesting to know what other people like. I was looking at this post and thought that is sounds like I have no ideas but I really do have more ideas than I can make I’m just really interested in what other people like.

Such talent!

9 May

I have been haunting Etsy a bit lately …. since setting up my new Etsy Shop…Anyway I was creating a treasury list and I have to say that there are so many people out there with so much creativity and talent….it’s amazing!!!


Ready to revive!

5 May

Well I guess it’s time to revive this blog…we all start with the best intentions that sometimes go by the wayside when life gets involved :)…….I lost my computer so didn’t have access to the internet for a little while and once I did my blog ‘mojo’ was missing…lol

During this time off though I have been busy writing an E-book….hopefully to be released shortly, I only have 3 patterns left to write and one cuff to finish crocheting. I have uploaded a couple of single cuff patterns to my Ravelry store …Here are some photos…

b4 ba3 goth2

I’ve also opened a new Etsy shop now that they are offering instant downloads for pdf files……I have sold a couple of patterns so we will see how it goes.

Along with all of this I now have a facebook page for my designs! I would love it if you would pop over and ‘like’ me……I think that’s what you do :)……if you want to leave a comment on the page I will put you in a draw for a free pattern of your choice from one of my shops…or I can even email it to you if you want.

Have a great weekend everyone.


30 Dec

Well it’s been ages since I posted and I have no excuses except for being caught up in the Christmas ‘busyness’.

We had a lovely Christmas day….ate too much and enjoyed the kids opening their presents…we go in for Christmas in a big way here as Christmas and their birthdays are the only times of the year the kids get presents….even the big kid (21) loves getting his stocking in the morning…lol.

Here are some pictures to show what Christmas for a family of 9 looks like and also to prove that even 18 year old boys crawl around under the table looking at the presents…lol!

IMG_2110 IMG_2115

I am back into the crocheting and have been working on a blanket for Dad’s birthday which was on the 28th….I almost got it finished and was able to wrap it and give it to him, but had to take it back so I could sew in about a zillion ends and crochet a border. It is a simple hexagon blanket with bright colours and made in acrylic so they can throw it in the washing machine at the home without having to worry about it.

Here is Dad’s blanket waiting for the finishing touches…… IMG_2122 IMG_2123

Now I owe an apology as I simply ran out of time to do the free pattern I had planned for Christmas Eve, in memory of my sister…I do promise that it will come out in the future though…Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging more regularly in the New Year.

How to make a hat….recipe.

5 Dec

In thinking about what to write in my blog I have decided that it’s time to have a little fun and hopefully to teach you something J.  So I have posted a recipe here that should give you the basics you need to make yourself a hat. Please remember that this is not a pattern so you will have to do most of the figuring out yourself, it is just meant to give you a basic idea of how to go about it.

This is a recipe for making a crochet hat from the bottom up. While my written patterns are much more complex than this as they need figures for different sizes and often mix stitch patterns, you should be able to use this pattern to make a hat that fits yourself or anyone you have available to try it on. Choose a yarn you like and a hook size that is suitable for the type of yarn.

I like my fabric nice and soft so I tend to go for a hook size a little larger than what is recommended.

The first thing you have to do is decide on a stitch pattern that you like for the body……a stitch dictionary is good for this and there are a lot of stitch patterns online. Sites like  or have a hunt around some crochet blogs for something. You can even use the stitch pattern from something else that you like.

Once you’ve decided on this find out what the number of stitches you need is for the pattern repeat and make a note of it…..this hat I’m making uses a pattern repeat of 4 sts. I do recommend that you try and keep your pattern repeat a manageable number to start with, you can play around with larger repeats later.


To begin you need to make your band…we will use fpdc for this, I always start with foundation dc because it is nice and stretchy which is good for a band, there is a tutorial for this on .

Using an even number of stitches fdc enough stitches so that it fits comfortably around your head, if you like it to fit firmly stretch it a bit before trying it on. Make a note of the number of stitches you used.

Join with a slip stitch to form a ring (be careful not to twist it), then start with your fpdc or rib pattern….you can use any stitch you like for your band really I just find that the fpdc gives a nice stretch.

I have some hats however where I have used one stitch pattern for the band and another for the body…like this one. s5

Ch3(counts as dc) then fpdc in your next st, dc in next st….and continue on until you get to the end. Your last st should be a fpdc, then you will slip stitch into the top of your ch3.

Do this for as many rounds as you want until the band is the width you like, 4 to 6 rounds usually works for me but it does depend on your yarn…you will need more rounds for dk yarn than you will for worsted weight for example.

Right, now is the time to prepare for your stitch pattern, first decide if you want a slouchy hat or a beanie.

Have a look at the number of stitches you used and see if it’s divisible by the number of stitches you need for your pattern…….e.g. If you have 56sts and your stitch pattern is over 4 sts like mine then you are right but if you have 58 sts you will have to increase your number of sts by at least 2. If you want a beanie this is easy, I usually do one last row of rib increasing whatever number of stitches I need evenly within the row…do this in your dc’s not your fpdc…somewhere in the row you will make 2dc’s in the one stitch instead of one, do this as many times as you need to. If you want a slouchy hat you will need to increase the number of stitches by a lot more……I usually double mine although 1 ½ times can work as well, it really depends on how slouchy you want to go. If I am doubling my stitches I find it is easier to do this by crocheting one round of single crochet, 2 stitches in each stitch. If I am going for 1 ½ times then I do one more round of rib and crochet 2dc’s in each dc in the round…it will look something like this….

ch3, dc in first st, fpdc, *2dc in next st, fpdc, rep from * to end, sl st in top of beg ch3 to join.

After creating the right number of stitches you should be able to start your stitch pattern.

Continue with your chosen stitch pattern until the hat is the right length to fit your head, if you are making a slouchy hat then continue on some more. The longer you make the body of your hat the slouchier it will be.

Now once you get to a good length for your hat body then you will need to finish up……for slouchy hats I often just finish then draw the yarn through all the stitches on the last round then gather it up tightly but if you want to decrease for a while then this is how I do it.

Some stitch patterns are easy to decrease within and you can continue with the stitch pattern while decreasing, for others I would change to single crochet and make my decreases.

So do one round of sc, then divide my stitch number evenly hopefully with a number somewhere around 10…could be 8, 9, 11, 12 etc….if you can’t divide evenly don’t worry too much just decrease a few extra in the first round to get a number that can be divided.

Here is an example using 56 sts as the number of sts I had……56 divided by 8 is 7 which means that every decrease row will decrease by 7sts.

Basically I would sc 6 sts, then sc2tog over stitch 7 & 8, then repeat that all the way around, then I crochet a straight sc round.

Next round you reduce the number of sc’s by one before you sc2tog, e.g. sc5, sc2tog, etc.

Continue doing this until you are at sc2tog each time with no sc’s in between, once you get to that you can decide if you need to continue decreasing for a round or two more (don’t forget your straight sc round in between)then end off and run your yarn through the last round of sts and pull up tightly.

I’d love you to have a go at this and let me know how it worked out.

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