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It’s Time!

5 Jan

Well it’s the 5th of January and like a lot of us it’s time to look at losing some weight!

Over the last 20 years my weight has slowly crept up to shhhhhh (nearly 90 kgs) that is 198.5 pounds for those of you in the US……OMG I can’t believe I’ve let it get so bad! I guess if I look at it logically that is about 1.5 kilos a year over the 20 years……reality is that I kept about 5 kilos each after the last 4 kids and the other 10 kilos has just been the result of poor decisions (health wise). I have struggled with my weight fairly consistantly since I turned 30 and have never really successfully lost much at all, my most successful attempt was when I lost about 10 kilos 4 and a half years ago….then I got pregnant with my youngest son and the rest is history….

I have worked out over this time that dieting is almost impossible with a large family (too many temptations) also my kids are skinny, skinny, skinny, so I can’t expect them to diet with me, there would be a revolt….lol! We don’t have a lot of junk in the house anyway much to my kids disgust and my main problem is portion size and tiredness….when I’m tired I eat….it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s edible then I will consume it!!! This is a problem because with so many kids in the house there is always food!

I figure that what I need is something really slow, where I don’t actually notice too many of the changes I have to make….mainly I need to  keep a check on my snacking or at least make some healthier choices when I do snack and I need to serve up smaller portions at meal times. I’m going to start with this and see how I’m travelling in a few weeks time.

Anyway it has got to the point where I can no longer turn a blind eye to my weight, I have to lose it for the sake of my health which is suffering rather badly as the result of carrying all this extra poundage around with me. I also will need to buy an entire new wardrobe of clothes shortly if I don’t do something and I absolutely refuse to buy that many clothes in a larger size!




30 Dec

Well it’s been ages since I posted and I have no excuses except for being caught up in the Christmas ‘busyness’.

We had a lovely Christmas day….ate too much and enjoyed the kids opening their presents…we go in for Christmas in a big way here as Christmas and their birthdays are the only times of the year the kids get presents….even the big kid (21) loves getting his stocking in the morning…lol.

Here are some pictures to show what Christmas for a family of 9 looks like and also to prove that even 18 year old boys crawl around under the table looking at the presents…lol!

IMG_2110 IMG_2115

I am back into the crocheting and have been working on a blanket for Dad’s birthday which was on the 28th….I almost got it finished and was able to wrap it and give it to him, but had to take it back so I could sew in about a zillion ends and crochet a border. It is a simple hexagon blanket with bright colours and made in acrylic so they can throw it in the washing machine at the home without having to worry about it.

Here is Dad’s blanket waiting for the finishing touches…… IMG_2122 IMG_2123

Now I owe an apology as I simply ran out of time to do the free pattern I had planned for Christmas Eve, in memory of my sister…I do promise that it will come out in the future though…Hopefully I’ll be back to blogging more regularly in the New Year.

Such a proud day :)

11 Dec


Today my oldest son graduated with distinction from his university degree. Wow! What an achievement. It’s been a long 4 years but he has reached an amazing milestone in his life, I hope this leads to more wonderful events for him. Congratulations Tyrone you have done us proud!


and she was gorgeous!

30 Nov

Yesterday was my daughters semi-formal. It is a dinner dance that celebrates the transition from middle school (yr 10) into senior school (yrs 11 & 12). Needless to say the girls have been looking forward to this for some time and I blogged about some of our preparations earlier. Finally yesterday the moment had arrived and our day was filled with all sorts of  girly stuff with the most time consuming being ‘the hair’! She wanted curls which sounds easy really because she already has very curly hair…but it has a tendancy to frizz if left to it’s own devices. So after washing and using copious amounts of hair product and some wonderful shampoo that we discovered a couple of weeks ago we allowed it to dry and then set about curling it…….here are the progress photos and the result…fortunately she loved it which is not always guaranteed when you are dealing with a teenage girl 🙂

After this we moved on to the make up…this was quite a surprise to Tonaya as she had no idea that her mother knew anything about make up at all! I never wear it and I doubt she’s seen me use make up more than a couple of times in her whole life….she was scared….but didn’t want to do it herself!

She was determined she wanted red lipstick and nails (something I have no experience with!) but we soldiered on together and we were pretty happy with this result.

Then it was off to get changed and almost ready to go…..


Once we got there it was obvious that her outfit was completely different from everyone else’s and I was incredibly proud of  her sense of style and the fact that she wanted to wear something she loved rather than stick with the same types of clothes all the other girls were wearing…..they all looked lovely by the way, at 15 going on 16 it was the first experience of dressing up for an event like this and I have to say the girls all looked beautiful and the boys did themselves proud too. It is fascinating to watch the progress of these young people as they grow into young adults.

All together the entire outfit including shoes and make up cost us just over $70.00 and I thought we did

Tonaya was voted ‘most artistic’ she was thrilled and had a wonderful night socialising with all of her friends and peers…by 10pm it was all over and it was home to bed…

Here is another unnecessary but beautiful photo just so I have the excuse to include it 🙂

Organise my life.

28 Nov

I am always attempting to become more organised and am just about to embark on yet another attempt. The other day I cam across a pin on pinterest that had a list of chores. I decided that I would take this list and adapt it to suit me…..sounds a bit juvenile I know but really I am in total disarray at home because I am constantly avoiding doing the housework. This list sounded quite manageable and broke it down across the whole week…I think I can manage it. If I don’t write it up and print it out though then it will never happen!

So here it is…my list of chores for the week.



Do the dishes,

Take out the rubbish

Wipe down the stove & benches

Pick up & put away

Wipe bathroom sinks & mirrors

Make bed


Washing & folding



Sweep & mop

Wipe down doors etc

Organise cabinets

Clean out fridge

Clean out pantry

Clean oven & microwave

Dust ledges

Clear cobwebs

Wash windows

Write grocery list


Living room



Remove cobwebs

Dust ledges & shelves

Wash windows

Organise dvd’s & tables

Clean out magazines & crocheting

Grocery shop



Dust furniture

Wipe walls


Change sheets & towels

Hang up clothes

Clean toilet, bath. Shelves

Organise shelves

Vacuum curtains



Changes sheets

Dust & wipe walls

Vacuum bedrooms & verandah

Pick up & sort toys

Tidy & dust playstation area



Vacuum downstairs


General tidy up


Just do daily chores

I can see that for the first few weeks it’s going to be tough while I catch up on a few things but hopefully if I can keep it up then over a number of weeks it will become quicker and I’ll actually be spending less time on chores that I do now 🙂

Wish me luck, I’ll let you know how I go.


It’s all the same.

22 Nov

I haven’t really had all that much to write about lately but this has had me thinking about the ‘sameness’ of my life. It’s not that I don’t enjoy my life…I do, but that when you have a large family one day is much like the next. I am sure it can be like that in any size family really but my experience is with large families. It seems that much of life’s day to day stuff is the same thing from one day to the next from necessity rather that anything else. The same chores need to be done, the same driving around from place to place and the same cooking (although not the same meals) but the meals are a certain amount the same too just to be able to cater for everyone’s differing tastes, that way one person isn’t eating something they hate every single night of the week!

I can see that if I am going to keep up this blog there is going to have to be some effort on my part to find the ‘differentness’ in my life or to create some more or to find the interesting little things that make my life interesting (to me anyway).

I am learning to appreciate the finer things in my life though, for example this is the view I woke up to this morning…out my front doors…..


Usually I would be too busy rushing around getting the kids ready to go to school but this morning I made a conscious effort to slow down and really appreciate this view…I love it and would really miss it if it wasn’t there when I got up but like most people I don’t often take the time to look at it and truly wonder at the beauty all around us, especially when I see it all the time.

Cleaning up!

11 Nov

I am sitting here at the computer looking around my house and wondering if we’ll ever be able to stay tidy! At the moment I don’t think it’s a possibility with a 2 year old and a bunch of other kids and young adults in the house…although I guess I could do it, if I was to give up craft and become obsessive over housekeeping. Unfortunately that is not me……I do understand that there are a lot of people out there that get a lot of satisfaction out of a clean house and realistically I do too as long as I’m not the one who has to clean it! The satisfaction I feel when I look around a lovely tidy house is not enough to motivate me to keep on top of the tidying up! I really wish it was!

I did warn my husband before we were married that I wasn’t much of a housekeeper….boy has he learned that I wasn’t exaggerating when I told him this. It’s a pity that no one in this house is much of a housekeeper really, I would have thought that in all these years and all these kids I could have had one that enjoyed cleaning up enough to actually want to do it….Anyway you may have guessed that I’m rambling on about this because I really should be cleaning up! Our new lounge suite arrives on Tuesday and I’d like to be able to fit it inside 🙂 I am determined to do at least some today…I will let you know tomorrow how I got on.


It’s now November and I have become addicted to Pinterest in my efforts to plan our Christmas, you can see my Pinterest boards here. I love Pinterest, there are so many talented people out there with so many great ideas, even if I lived 20 lifetimes I would never be able to achieve everything I would like to! Pinterest is yet another way to avoid the ever present housework, but it is also a wonderful source of inspiration, take a look at some of these boards….Sue Pinner, Mary Jane Hall and Will hook for yarn. I could link to so many but then you would be sitting here all day!

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