5 Nov

Now yesterday I mentioned that I was going shopping for a lounge suite….which turned into shopping for dining furniture as well. I discovered something (a couple of things really) that I should have known already!

The first and most important is that you should never go furniture shopping with a 2 year old! I should have remembered this one from having 8 kids….my only excuse is that there is 7 years between this 2 year old and my last, I am sure this one is noisier, more energetic, more easily bored and naughtier than all the others. Then again I may just be getting old! I no longer have the ability to concentrate on what I’m doing while the 2 year old is squealing in the background about how he wants a balloon…and then squealing in the background because his balloon escaped and floated to the ceiling……then trying to topple his stroller so he can get out and sit on all the furniture…then…well you get the picture.

The second is that I should shop without my husband! While we could agree on the lounge we wanted, once we progressed to dining sets we were never going to agree…..You see I really like the distressed looking solid timber and my husband hates it with a passion 🙂 He loves solid timber but he wants it all nice and shiny and smooth…..not at all practical in a household of 9 (to my mind anyway). You see I like the distressed look because it kind of matches the house…it’s very distressed looking. It will also absorb all the extra knocks and bumps that will come from our mob here without looking like someone decided to take it out in the back yard and bash it with a baseball bat…because it already looks like it has been bashed with a baseball bat… I just have to convince him of that. I almost had it yesterday when I suggested that after a few years we could sand it back and make it all shiny and new again…then the 2 year old started wailing and it was all over :/. He also likes a red coloured stain and I like something a little more neutral, I guess at least we can agree on timber…lol.

The upshot of all this is that we came home yesterday with nothing more than a stressed out, cranky 2 year old who was accompanied by a couple of stressed out, cranky middle aged parents…back to the lounge suite shopping tomorrow now. Wish me luck 🙂


2 Responses to “Shopping.”

  1. Opal @ Playing with Fiber November 6, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    I like distressed looking furniture too. Yeah, I can see how a two-year old could add stress to that outing. I can remember some of those days when my daughter was around that age. She’s now nine. I still call her my ‘little drama queen’. 😉

    • sarahscrochet November 6, 2012 at 6:37 am #

      I do think some kids are born being able to create more drama than others…lol.

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